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Plus tip of high-pressure micro-domain structure of lithium niobate processing, ferroelectric domains can be produced at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, without the need for masks. Experiments under different conditions and a linear point-like domains domains produced by non-destructive polarization assay was observed making a good domain structure; comparing the duration of the impact voltage, speed and a voltage applied three factors on the domain size. Finally, hydrofluoric acid etching to verify the accuracy and feasibility of polarized light detection method.

Common fibers such as polyester (PET) and polyamide (PA 66), can not be used in more than 200 ℃, and is easily hydrolyzed in hot gas filtration. Usually required fiber preparation membrane structure has low creep, high strength and easy cleaning properties. Bicomponent fibers such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and thermoplastic fluorine-containing polymer [perfluoroalkoxy polymer (PFA), fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer (FEP) and polytetrafluoroethylene thermoplastic (mPTFE)] meet these requirements. Therefore, the process requires the melting point of the filaments in the spinning of the thermoplastic polymer is higher than 300 ℃, while the traditional spinning process is not designed for a temperature above 300 ℃, nor that of the pure polymer, and spun at higher stretching temperature silk finish also easy to smoke. Fluoropolymers because of its easy to form hydrofluoric acid monomer, processing equipment requires the use of corrosion-resistant Hastelloy or Inconel manufacturing, has equipment that can be used only spinning pump. Report on these issues has given great attention, and an overview of the current state of development.