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In order to prevent, control and processing, our company produced large area of hydrofluoric acid leaked to "prevention, Prevention and Relief binding" approach; unified command, emergency handling, grading, sub-departments, coordinated, and subordinating local interests benefit principle. Rapid, orderly and efficient conduct of emergency rescue work, to minimize casualties, reduce environmental pollution accidents and reduce property losses, quickly returned to normal production, we have established the plan.

Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is a clear, colorless liquid, there is a drug is a strong corrosive acid, volatile at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, contact with moist air produces thick smoke and a pungent odor, serious harm to the environment. Its gas soluble in water, and release a lot of heat. Eye, nose and throat mucous membranes and skin irritation and chemical burns strong effect, can penetrate the skin to the deep penetration, absorption can produce systemic toxicity, boiling point is 19.5 ℃.

Due to tanks, pipes, valves perennial corrosion reasons, hydrofluoric acid may occur at any large leak, causing workers burns, severe environmental pollution.