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Hydrofluoric acid tank four weeks Reservoir cofferdam built to block the leakage of acid erosion. Hydrofluoric acid library duty room equipped with alarm devices; site production area with adequate quantities of adjustable wrench, plugging tools, pipe wrench, blind flanges, gas masks, chemical suits acid, acid proof masks, acid-resistant gloves, acid rain boots, spray water, eyewash, radio, and in hydrofluoric acid and used lime.

Once acid leakage accident, can take between leak acid storage tank and other tanks delivers, acid recycling, alkaline neutralization, leakage plugging measures.

Production line, hydrofluoric acid of the hydrofluoric acid large acid leakage accident, or a major accident symptom, danger, duty officer shall immediately report to the workshop director; Called emergency leading group members, and immediately report to the emergency management rescue commander in chief.

After receiving alarm, emergency rescue command members according to the state of accident, timely and accurate judgement, in line with the company level of emergency rescue preplan start conditions, by the accident emergency rescue by commander in chief, the launch plan, and report on the company and the local government accident emergency rescue command center.