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Purpose: hydrofluoric acid as an important raw material of fluorine chemical industry, can produce fluorine refrigerant, fluoropolymer, containing fluorine medicine, with its production of aluminum fluoride and cryolite aluminium industry indispensable assistant, it's refinery alkylation catalyst, steel stainless steel cleaner. In addition of fluoride salt with hydrofluoric acid is widely used in food protection, special metal smelting, leather and textile processing, specimen preservation and nuclear industry and other industries. Hydrofluoric acid is also used to etch glass, the semiconductor industry to use it to remove the surface of a silicon oxide, it can be used for isobutane and butane in refinery alkylation reaction catalyst, removal of oxygen impurity on the surface of the stainless steel in the process of "acid" is also using hydrofluoric acid. Hydrofluoric acid can also be used for a variety of synthesis of fluorinated organic matter, such as Teflon and refrigerant freon.

The reference to foreign standards are: hydrofluoric acid, JIS K1405-1995 Г О С Т 2567-1989 "industrial hydrofluoric acid technical conditions", MIL - b - 24641 - A - 86 "industrial hydrofluoric acid". Measurement standards are: ISO3139-1976 "industrial aqueous hydrofluoric acid sampling and test method", ISO 3139 AMD 1-1980 "industrial using aqueous hydrofluoric acid sampling and testing methods (revision 1), BS 5366:1986" the sampling and test method of industrial hydrofluoric acid, JIS K1466-1995 test method of the semiconductor grade hydrofluoric acid. Domestic current standards of GB 7744-1998 "industrial hydrofluoric acid".

Collected from the current three products standards, indicators project Settings, parameter values have bigger difference, especially the index parameter difference is bigger, will now be three product standard contrast is as follows:

(1)Project and parameter index

In Japan standard four indicators: hydrogen fluoride (HF) content, fluosilicate (H2SiF6) content, sulfate content, burning residue content (- H2SO4). Russian standards and gb set three indicators: hydrogen fluoride (HF) content, fluosilicate (H2SiF6) content, acid (- H2SO4) content. MIL - A - 24641 - A - 86 "industrial hydrofluoric acid" only the hydrogen fluoride (HF) content.

Indicators project Settings on differences between similar products standard is not big, but the index parameter difference is bigger, hydrogen fluoride content from 30% to 60% are involved in a variety of concentration; Fluosilicic acid content by 0.02% to 0.02%, one hundred times over. There is also a sulfuric acid content in the problem. Another Japanese standard ignition residue content of product control.