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Japan standard JIS K1405-1995 "the hydrofluoric acid" compared to other foreign standards, technical requirements, project, test method, etc, are in a leading level. But due to the Japanese standard mainly for the production and use of their requirements, there are certain differences with the requirement of hydrofluoric acid in our country. As a result, the revised standard is not equivalent adopt Japanese standard, the revised standard and Japanese standard degree of consistency is not equivalent.

Since the implementation of industrial hydrofluoric acid of national standard, as users changing requirements for this product. Through investigation and analysis of market situation, at present, the products are moving in the direction of the development of specifications, more such as export products have 70% concentration of product. Therefore, the changes give full consideration to the demand of the market both at home and abroad, in the standard includes a variety of specifications of the product requirements as much as possible, provide a basis for product quality in manufacturing enterprises and users.

According to the current market demand, according to the current national standard for hydrofluoric acid classification and grading methods have not fully meets the requirement. The current hydrogen acid products are divided into two categories, the main purpose of the first is mainly for the production of fluoride salts products, secondly mainly in the production of fluorine sodium aluminate, aluminum fluoride. Due to the production of fluoride salt product requirements are relatively high content of impurities in raw material, so will be used in the production of fluoride salt of hydrofluoric acid in Ⅰ type products. Fluorine sodium aluminate, aluminum fluoride has both belong to the fluoride salts, but due to its purpose, the requirement of fluosilicate and non-volatile acid content is not high. So the impurities in raw material hydrofluoric acid is also not very high requirements. Then there is metal and glass used for etching metal surface treatment, etc., almost no impurities in hydrofluoric acid requirements. This standard will such products as Ⅱ type products.