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Question: I have been poison’d with hydrochloric acid and need to know can hydrochloric acid be detected thur a hair test or finger nails or toe nails and what can I do to neutralize this hydrochloric acid because I know it is already in your stomach naturally but this is not a natural hydrochloric acid from inside your stomach. Any ideas because I have been to the ER hospital 6 times n had several medical test run and then I read online that hydrochloric acid can not be detected in low levels in your blood and when the doctors do not see anything in my blood they just don’t want to help me but I have been sick since the end of Feb. 2013 n its now Nov. 20, 2013 and my stool has just now turn’d back to a some what normal color but I am still sick everyday. Can anyone help ?

Answer: I’m sorry to hear about this. How did you come into contact with it? As this material safety data sheet describes, hydrochloric acid is corrosive and will cause serious damage to your respiratory tract if inhaled, and burns and skin irritation in contact with skin. Obviously it will damage your digestive tract if swallowed. If you swallowed it, the problem may be that it caused internal damage (i.e. burns) that have taken a long time to heal. There probably isn’t any more actual HCl in your system, but the internal damage could still be causing symptoms. However, I’m not an expert. You need to speak to someone who deals with poison control.

As hydrofluoric acid protective decontamination, hexafluoro spirit is designed for active flushing for hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives splash accident. It has multiple reaction mechanism, hydrofluoric acid is the product of choice first aid measures. 

Best hydrofluoric acid hydrofluoric acid splashes on aid measures for proactive and efficient rinsing must have the following:

Conduct emergency response as quickly as possible to avoid the initial injury.

Hydrogen ions (H +) effective

Fluoride ions can chelate (F-)

Hexafluoro Spirit series hydrofluoric acid protective decontamination can be directly and quickly accessible in the workplace or move operation, rinse well positioned to meet the above requirements.

Hexafluoro spirit in liquid form, as hydrofluoric acid protective decontamination agent, decontamination to remove surface residual invasive chemicals.

Hexafluoro spirit characteristic makes it possible to quickly absorb hydrogen ions (H +) and fluoride ions (F-). Its ability to chelate these ions is calcium gluconate (hydrofluoric acid in a conventional manner for burns antidote) 100 times.

Hexafluoro spirit fluid having a high permeability, which can prevent the penetration of fluoride ions in the process, to ensure that a thorough decontamination of the splash.