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Integrated circuit(IC) industry (integrated circuit (IC) and ultra large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) chip manufacturing) is one of the downstream industry of high purity hydrofluoric acid.

1958 Texas Instruments invented the world's first integrated circuit, with the development of silicon planar technology, in the 1960s has invented bipolar and MOS type two important circuit, having created an unprecedented pole strong penetration of new industries and vitality - the integrated circuit industry. IC (integrated circuit) is a micro-electronic device or component. Use a certain process to a desired circuit transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors and inductors and other components and interconnecting wiring together, manufactured on a small piece or a few pieces of the semiconductor wafer, or the dielectric substrate, and then packaged in a tube shell, a miniature structure having a desired circuit function. Wherein all of the elements in the structure has been formed as a whole, so that the volume of the entire circuit is greatly reduced, and the number of lead and welding points has been greatly reduced, so that the electronic component toward miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability a major step forward. It is used in the circuit letters "IC" (also useful for text symbols "N", etc.) represented. An integrated circuit having a small size, light weight, low lead and welding points, long life, high reliability and good performance, while the low cost, ease of mass production. It is not only widely used in industrial and consumer electronic equipment such as tape recorders, televisions, computers, etc.,  but also widely used in military, communications, remote control.

Overall, 2010-2012, China's IC market compound annual growth rate will reach 13.8% by 2012, the market scale will reach 835.4 billion yuan. But the development speed IC market will not reproduce before several years of rapid growth, steady growth situation will be the main future development of China's IC market. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has been supporting the development of integrated circuit industry, the future of industry and investment environment of China's IC will continue to improve. Global IC market focus gradually shifted from Europe to Asia. 2001 global IC market is basically still in North America, Europe, Japan, Asia-quarter of the world, each of the four regional market share of more than ten percent of the globe. China's IC market has become the world's largest consumer IC market, IC giant fierce battle to become the world's main battlefield. From a global IC application structure, the consumer IC market decline in the computer field, and in the consumer electronics, network communications, automotive electronics and other embedded fields rapid growth will slow from the computer into the consumption-based embedded products after driving the PC era. It has  a certain impact on the hydrofluoric acid industry.