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Hydrofluoric acid accidents often beyond people's expectations, often in unexpected time and place of occurrence. In the event of a short time a large number of toxic and hazardous substances leaked, causing a fire, explosion, toxic gases or even as long as a few mouthfuls of breathing can cause death, and toxic gases can quickly spread to residential areas, the public security a serious threat to life, cause social unrest. For unprotected personnel, toxic gas may enter through the respiratory tract, eyes, skin, mucous membranes and other body systems, causing respiratory, digestive and other systems of poisoning. Therefore, not only to carry out poison respiratory protection, and sometimes systemic protection.

Hydrofluoric acid local accident center area of the combustion, explosion may form a high temperature, high pressure, hypoxia, tiny gas environment, and thus more demanding of rescue equipment. For example, gas masks need to have a variety of functions, it is necessary to prepare filter masks, so as isolated type protective masks, and so on.

After hydrofluoric acid accident happened, due to an accident and emergency services units often ill-prepared on ideologically, organizationally and technically, resulting in the rescue work can not proceed smoothly, may not be controlled within a considerable period of time, it would have been likely to cause many avoidable losses and casualties.