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China's use of fluorite and sulfuric acid production reaction of hydrofluoric acid has 40 years of history, through the tireless efforts of engineers and technicians and painstaking research, the production of hydrogen fluoride from small to large and from weak to strong, and gradually developed; technology the experienced self-development, the introduction of foreign technology, the introduction of domestic three stages of technology, some enterprises AHF production technology has reached the international advanced level. Development experience as follows:

(1) indigenous production phase (1953-1958): According to the needs of national defense of our country from 1953 began trial production of hydrofluoric acid, mainly indigenous production, with the cauldron boil water absorption reaction gas annually produce only 40 tons.

(2) Converter production phase (1958-1985): As the indigenous production of hydrofluoric acid, serious corrosion of equipment, poor working environment, poor production capacity, high cost of production. To overcome these drawbacks, in our "First Five" plan by the former Soviet Union during the reconstruction of water hydrofluoric acid production plant (production of hydrofluoric acid water is for the production of aluminum fluoride), began to use converter process. From the beginning of 1958, using the trial in response Ф500 converter production of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, and later developed Ф800, Ф1600 reaction converter, so that our country has been gradually anhydrous hydrogen fluoride production technology development, training a number of personnel.