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Since 1989, China has introduced the world's more advanced anhydrous hydrogen fluoride production technology and equipment, including: the introduction of a chemical plant in Jinan, 1989 United States Shituo Fu (STAUFF) company 10000t / a hydrofluoric acid production technology; Zhejiang Juhua, Hunan Xiangxiang aluminum successful introduction of Switzerland BUSS (BUSS) company 10000 t / a production techniques; Fuxin fluorine chemical plant in the successful introduction of Switzerland BUSS (BUSS) company 5000 t / a production technology; Ato-3F Changshu chemical company success the introduction of France Alto (Atochem) company 10000 t / a production technology. In recent years, rapid growth in domestic demand, exports expanded rapidly, hydrofluoric acid production has entered a new period of development. In 2004, the introduction of Germany CHENCO Zhejiang Hansheng's 21000t / a hydrogen fluoride production technology, fully reflects the advanced stage of hydrofluoric acid production technology: the pre-reactor; special converter lining material, each section temperature control, internal return slag system; slag attempts to prevent automatic scrubber means; hydrogen fluoride under pressure rectification; fluosilicic multi-stage injection absorption; central absorption systems; exhaust tailings absorption and accident emergency absorption device; fluoride pump with pressure tanks and shield output and so on.

Preparation of phosphate fertilizer byproduct from the production of hydrogen fluoride from fluorosilicic acid: Because fluorite country seeks to control important strategic non-renewable resources, in recent years, government control of the amount of fluorite mining increasingly strict policy is tightening, fluorine fluorite resource prices must be higher. So, how to develop the phosphate byproduct fluosilicic acid fluorine efficiency and low consumption, green hydrogen fluoride production technology has attracted more and more attention. 2008 Wengfu Group to introduce technology to Switzerland fluorosilicic acid as raw materials to produce 20,000 tons of hydrofluoric acid production plant in operation, which means that in order to phosphate fertilizer byproduct fluosilicic acid hydrogen fluoride as raw technology into a practical stage.