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Our basic production of use hydrogen fluorite and sulfuric acid, due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, making the hydrofluoric acid produced and improved the overall technological level of development, greatly reducing the gap between the world of hydrofluoric acid production technology and advanced production technologies. At present, China's introduction of foreign technologies include: STAUF FER Company, BUSS company, ATOCHEM CHENCO company and the company's technologies basically the same principle, the gap is not technology, advantages and disadvantages. Compared with the original development of domestic technology, it reflects the main advantages are: single set of devices large production capacity, environmental protection and production safety considerations thoughtful and energy saving have expertise, high quality products. From the device operation, the varying degrees of corrosion equipment to solve the problems and improve the plant operating rates, lower raw material consumption, and stable product quality. However, due to different process routes used, its one-time investment is also different. BUSS adoption of more alloy equipment, the cost is very high; and STAUFFER company uses the Swiss company LIST biaxially pre-reactor, purification equipment for the steel, and therefore less disposable equipment investment.

Looking at the global hydrogen fluoride production capacity and production technology in recent years, the technological level of the new part of the hydrogen fluoride production line has reached world advanced level. There are two reasons, first, domestic design institutes and manufacturers efforts, the introduction of technology absorption, digestion and innovation reflects a higher level, and reflected in the production unit; the second is foreign manufacturers have no innovation on hydrogen fluoride for 20 years.