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At present, the company adopted the hydrofluoric acid process in common:

(1) are used externally heated rotary reactor; the majority of enterprises to adopt high-temperature gas fired combustion directly or furnace gas to produce gas generating high temperature gas after combustion; hot gas through the outer jacket of the converter to heat transfer converter. There are some enterprises use fuel oil or natural gas.

(2) reactor and hydrogen fluoride treatment systems have taken a slightly negative way;

(3) the reaction gas is pre-treated with a scrubber;

(4) are treated with sulfuric acid to absorb the gas from the condenser and distillation column out;

(5) silicon tetrafluoride gas are absorbed into the fluorine acid solution;

(6) production plant using high performance alloys.

Pre-reactor: some uniaxial pre-reactor, and some biaxial pre-reactor, some use external mixing device, some use nothing directly to fluorite powder and sulfuric acid, respectively, into the rotary kiln. Pre-mixed reaction with the external differences are: pre-reactor about 25% to 50% hydrofluoric acid reaction; suits mix does not respond.

Hydrofluoric acid refining system: take some atmospheric distillation, take some pressure distillation; in order rectification and degassing, after some first degassing distillation, after some first distillation degassing; some rectification and only in the same degassing tower is completed, some into the rectification column and degassing tower two towers, more enterprises in order to improve the quality of hydrofluoric acid, also set two fractionator.