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Although the production technology of hydrofluoric acid in China has been a world leader, but "Fluorite - Sulfuric Acid" production process the problems, such as: low energy efficiency, higher production costs, severe dust pollution, etc., still can not be ignored. In the global promotion of energy saving, low carbon economy era, explore new production technologies and processes has become the consensus of the industry.

From our understanding of the situation, hydrofluoric acid production technology to two major aspects of development, one tradition - Improved "fluorite sulphate" process; the second is the use of fertilizer by-product hydrogen fluoride technology development.

In order to reduce the reaction temperature and reduce energy consumption. University of Edinburgh made the production of hydrogen fluoride in fluidized bed technology: The reaction to the endothermic reaction liquid sulfuric acid fluorite powder react with the traditional process, the transition is exothermic reaction with sulfur trioxide of fluorite powder. After entering the sulfuric acid from the bottom of the fluidized bed gasification, fluorite powder from the middle to enter, contact between the two react to produce hydrofluoric acid and solid calcium sulfate. Studies have reported that the bed temperature of 400 ℃, the relative quality of fluorite excess of 15% sulfuric acid, the residence time of the material in the bed in less than 15min, fluorite conversion rate can reach 98%. Generated hydrogen fluoride gas (a gas containing sulfuric acid) was removed through the gas absorption fluorspar and sulfuric acid and calcium sulfate dust and water vapor. And removing the silicon tetrafluoride gas through the condenser, the purity of the hydrofluoric acid required is obtained.