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The use of gas-solid fluidized bed reactor producing hydrofluoric acid, compared to traditional heavy complex rotary kiln process, with rapid response, high utilization of fluorite, simple and compact device features; also the complete elimination of the liquid sulfuric acid and fluorite in the converter in response Yi wall sticking problems. However, due to the production process of hydrofluoric acid are highly corrosive in contact with materials and gases from the laboratory into industrial applications still need to be carried out in many reactor designs, equipment corrosion, energy consumption and production operations as well as checking and other control a large number of in-depth research, whether industrialized or unknown.

According to reports, the former Nanchang Industrial Technology Research Institute senior engineer Zhang Zhi newly developed low-temperature hydrofluoric acid production process from pilot plant trial production success. Cryogenically process: that is, the kind of fluorite powder was added to the liquid reaction medium calcium fluoride have a certain solubility, the calcium fluoride by a little after stirring to dissolve, then add sulfuric acid reaction; reaction is carried out in the liquid phase and stirring proper heating temperature controlled at about 90 ℃, directly purified hydrogen fluoride gas, recyclable solvent recycling. The law process and less investment. When we consult some of the problems of this process Mr. Xiang Xin Zhang Zhi, Mr Cheung technology secrecy, failed to give a clear answer.