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Mr. Liu Zhangfei of Beijing patent "an environmentally friendly low temperature liquid hydrofluoric acid production methods 200,710,166,276.7 conditions," and proposed as a solvent with acetic acid or phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and fluorite powder production of hydrogen fluoride in a solvent.

The method of the patent provided that we tested: the use of acetic acid as the solvent, the reaction condition is preferably sulfuric acid and fluorite powder, high purity hydrofluoric acid gas escaping. But glacial acetic acid and hydrogen fluoride to produce miscible separation more difficult; and in the separation process of glacial acetic acid and calcium fluoride, acetic acid great loss; more expensive due to the glacial acetic acid, hydrogen fluoride estimates down production costs high. When using phosphoric acid as solvent, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, can react with calcium fluoride occurs, the consumption phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid purification difficult, so that high production costs will be the same.

How to improve the production process of the solvent, the next step is worth a subject for further study.