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The traditional production process of hydrofluoric acid in the presence has large investment, high pollution, high energy consumption, high cost, and the emergence in recent years of lead-zinc tailings from the extraction of fluorite fine powder (500 mesh or more) how to produce hydrogen fluoride problem, technology companies made a lot of research and exploration, we have developed a new hydrogen fluoride without converter production process.

The process uses more than 300 heads (the thinner the better) fluorite powder, with concentrated sulfuric acid in a reaction container, the reaction temperature is controlled at 120 ℃ ~ 220 ℃, than the traditional process of concentrated sulfuric acid in excess of 2 to 10 times, it is both chemical the reaction of the raw material, but also the media and the thermal conductivity of the material transport, energy required for the reaction is supplied by heating to concentrated sulfuric acid. After the hydrofluoric acid gas produced from the reaction vessel out long after condensation, distillation can be. Number silica reacted in about one-third of the traditional process, the amount of processing fluorosilicic acid consequent greatly reduced. After separation of concentrated sulfuric acid and gypsum, a by-product after cleaning becomes substantially free of free fluoride, acid gas is also less. 

When cleaning plaster mixed with dilute sulfuric acid to be returned to the system of sulfuric acid, and after adding niacin to increase the content in the recycling system.