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The reaction conditions of process technology is mild, production control is simple, equipment investment; particularly energy-saving effect can reach more than 30% hydrofluoric acid gas purification easier, fluorine fluorite powder conversion rate of 98% sulfuric acid consumption and tradition basically the same process: the consumption of sulfuric acid per ton of hydrofluoric acid from about 2.6 to 2.7 tons. Thus, the technology such as hydrogen fluoride can promote the use of existing production enterprises, can save energy and reduce production costs, reduce environmental pollution.

Fluorite is the raw material of produce hydrofluoric acid. Finite and non-renewable resources of fluorite, especially as a strategic resource, has caused the Chinese government attaches great importance to and have been taken to limit the exploitation and export quotas and other relevant policies and measures. January 2 this year, the State Council issued in 2010 No. 1 notice requiring all localities and departments to adopt comprehensive measures, refractory clay, fluorite mining and production control; then, land men file fluorite resources fee increase, the Ministry of Industry It has issued a "2010 fluorite production quota of total control of the notice." This series of measures shows the Chinese government attaches great importance to efforts to control the extent and fluorite resources. The first half of 2010, acid grade fluorspar powder prices have been rising, from 950 yuan in early / ton in June rose to 1680 yuan / ton.

With fluorosilicic acid can also be prepared hydrofluoric acid. And rich in fluorine phosphate resources, it is estimated that our country is greater than fluorine phosphate storage resources storage, up to 450 million tons (340 million tons of fluorite as storage). Fluorosilicic acid phosphate fertilizer byproduct of fluorine effective development and utilization of resources, not only conducive to the fluorine-containing phosphate fertilizer enterprise environment exhaust pollution, but also for the protection of fluorite resources, promoting China's fluorine industry, non-ferrous metal industry, compound fertilizer industry, etc. the coordinated development of related industries and technical progress of great strategic significance. This domestic enterprises and research institutes colleges and universities do a lot of useful work, the moment to phosphate fertilizer byproduct fluosilicic acid as raw materials to produce various inorganic fluoride products have become hot topics inorganic fluorine chemical industry. How fluorosilicic acid fluorine resource economics, environmental protection and efficiently converted to hydrogen fluoride, fluorine and phosphorus chemicals for chemical, it has great significance.