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The use of fluorosilicic acid and lime or calcium carbonate synthetic artificial calcium fluoride, calcium fluoride and then the artificial production of hydrofluoric acid powder as raw material, thereby fluorosilicic acid into hydrogen fluoride and silica products.

Artificial calcium fluoride content of about 96%, of which more than 90% greater than 500 mesh fine powder, according to the conventional method for producing hydrofluoric acid can cause serious knot converter wall, scrubbers and condensers clogged. The use of peak Chemical Co., Ltd. fine fluorite powder production technology of hydrogen fluoride can be a good solution.

However, the test point of view, the cost of production of fluorine acid fluorite powder per ton in 1200 to 1,600 yuan, compared with the cost of fluorite powder dressing is still too high, the cost and lead-zinc tailings phase separator more than is too high. Therefore, fluorosilicic acid as a raw material of synthetic calcium fluoride, hydrofluoric acid production process is more suitable for the high price of fluorite powder or a lack of national and regional.