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At present, the level of production technology of sulfuric acid fluorite converter production of hydrofluoric acid, in terms of production capacity, production, quality has been considerable development, some devices have reached the international advanced level, but there are corrosion of equipment, energy efficiency is not high, more application of precious metal production plant equipment as well as high maintenance costs, environmental pollution and other issues. For - the production of hydrogen fluoride technology "fluorite sulfuric acid method" in how to delay corrosion of the equipment, reduce energy consumption, reduce investment, reduce pollution, etc., whether domestic or international, have made a lot of useful work, and made a very Great results.

Development and utilization of phosphate fertilizer enterprise by-product fluosilicic acid fluorine resources, not only in favor of fluorine chemical industry, more conducive to phosphate fertilizer industry. Utilization of the development and production of hydrofluoric acid, fluorine acid product, can greatly ease the strain on the resources of fluorine fluorine chemical problems facing the sustainable socio-economic development of great strategic significance.