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Domestic and foreign high-purity hydrofluoric acid production capacity of more than 184,900 tons / year. Wherein abroad more than 42,000 tons / year. Where Chinese mainland high-purity hydrofluoric acid production capacity of more than 125,200 tons / year, including the construction of more than 27,200 tons / year in the construction of about 5.2 million tons / year, the proposed 5.1 million tons / year. China Taiwan region where more than 17,700 tons / year.

Hydrofluoric acid is one of the key high-purity industrial chemicals during manufacture of microelectronic technology indispensable, mainly for solar photovoltaic cells, liquid crystal display devices, integrated circuits (IC) and ultra large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) chip cleaning and etching, is one of the key material of the basic chemical industry in the production process. Its purity and cleanliness of the integrated circuit yield, performance and reliability of electricity has a very important influence. It is based on the development of microelectronics technology development, but also restrict the development of microelectronics technology. In recent years, the global electronic chemicals market demand growing fast in recent years to maintain more than 10% growth rate, so the prospects for the development of high purity industrial hydrofluoric acid is very broad.

Our electronic chemicals industry in recent years through technological transformation and structural adjustment, has a certain basis, hydrofluoric acid in the country has several large enterprises in production, mainly UP grade level, EL grade and UP-S grade products mainly exported to the US, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. Several manufacturers of products quality survey and found that the presence of very different quality products, good and bad product quality and price vicious competition seriously affect the development of the product, so the current urgent need to develop national standards for high purity industrial hydrofluoric acid, determine the appropriate quality requirements according to the actual requirements of the electronics industry users. Introduction of new standards is of great significance to promote technological innovation, standardize the quality of products, to guide production and promote exports.