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At present, China has no uniform standard electronic hydrofluoric acid. Juhua Group Corporation is (2011-2012) recommended the development of "high purity industrial hydrofluoric acid," the industry standard, the scope and content of the main techniques include: provision of high-purity hydrofluoric acid industrial classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules as well as marking, labeling, packaging, transportation, storage, and security. Suitable for high-purity industrial hydrofluoric acid. The products are mainly used in the electronics industry, cleaning and corrosion.

A brief description of the situation at home and abroad: 1 have been produced abroad for many years, and the technology is mature, high quality. China's first set of production line build in July 2009, there is a certain production scale domestic enterprises have about five. Basically reached the level of product quality and EL UP level, the highest level can reach UP-S, the product has been internationally recognized by the market, is currently exported to the US, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. The high quality standard related to product, so most analysts project to test the main instrument, the current number of domestic manufacturers have advanced analysis instruments to achieve foreign analytical skills. 2. Check to current international standards abroad Semiconductor Association Standards: SEMI C1.8-1990 "hydrofluoric acid standard", SEMI C7.3-1990 "two hydrofluoric acid standard", SEMI C7.4-1990 "49 % hydrofluoric two standards. " This standard and above standard using a degree of modification adopted. 3. there is no domestic standards. 4. not involve intellectual property issues.

Held in July 2010 Intersolar North America, SEMI PV Standards Committee adopted eight new PV standards, which regulate PV11-1110-- hydrofluoric acid / photovoltaic applications. National Standardization Technical Committee materials and equipment semiconductor FY2012 (TC203) meeting national quality inspection center will be involved in the photovoltaic "PV electronic grade hydrofluoric acid" and other national standards preparation.