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Hydrofluoric acid packaging shall comply with the laws, administrative regulations and rules as well as national standards, industry standards.

Hydrofluoric acid packaging, containers of hazardous chemicals packaging materials and the type, size, methods, and unit mass (weight), should be packed with the hazardous chemical properties and intended use.

Production included in the national system of production license for industrial products catalog of dangerous chemicals packaging, container companies should be in accordance with the provisions of the "industrial production permit regulations", made of industrial production permit; its production of dangerous chemicals product packaging, container inspection by the quality inspection departments of the State Council recognized inspection agency, before the factory sales.

Ships carrying hydrofluoric acid in its stowage container shall be produced in accordance with national vessel inspection standards, and certified by the maritime agency ship inspection agency inspection, it is put into use.

Repeated use of hazardous chemicals packaging, containers, and use before re-use should be checked; found a security risk, it should be repaired or replaced. Use shall be made of the inspection records, records retention period of not less than 2 years.