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Hydrofluoric acid production or storage devices pose a significant hazard number of hazardous chemicals storage facilities (Transportation filling stations except), with the following properties from the facility, the area shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State:

(1) residential and commercial centers, parks and other crowded places;

(2) schools, hospitals, theaters, sports arenas (Hall) and other public facilities;

(3) the source of drinking water, water and water source protection areas;

(4) stations, terminals (except according to the law of the loading and unloading of hazardous chemicals licensed to engage), airports and communication lines, communications hub, the railway line, road transportation routes, waterway transportation routes, metro Wind Pavilion and subway station entrances and exits;

(5) basic farmland protection areas, basic grasslands, livestock and poultry genetic resources conservation areas, large-scale livestock and poultry farms (farming community), fishing waters and seeds, breeding livestock and poultry, aquatic fry production base;

(6) rivers, lakes, scenic spots, nature reserves;

(7) the military restricted zones and military administrative zones;

(8) legal and administrative regulations of other locations, facilities, areas.

The plant has been built or stored by the number of hazardous chemicals pose a significant hazard of dangerous chemicals storage facilities do not conform to the regulations, the municipal people's government safety watchdog seat districts in conjunction with relevant departments to supervise their affiliations in the prescribed time limit internal rectification; need converting, shutdown, relocation, closure decided by the people's governments and their implementation.

Number of storage location pose a significant hydrofluoric acid storage facilities should avoid faults and prone to flooding, regional geological hazard seismic activity.

In this Regulation, major hazards, refers to the production, storage, use or handling of hydrofluoric acid, and the quantity of dangerous chemicals unit is equal to or exceeds the threshold amount (including spaces and facilities).