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           Hydrofluoric acid
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Highly toxic chemicals production such as hydrofluoric acid, storage of highly toxic chemicals or public security department under the State Council can be used to manufacture explosives unit of hazardous chemicals (hereinafter referred to easy to produce explosive dangerous chemicals), it shall truthfully record the production, storage, easy system number explosive hazardous chemicals, flow direction, and take the necessary safety precautions to prevent toxic chemicals, are easy to produce explosive hazardous chemicals is lost or stolen; discovery of highly toxic chemicals, are easy to produce explosive hazardous chemicals is lost or stolen shall immediately report to the local public security organs.

Production, Stockpiling highly toxic chemicals, are easy to produce explosive hydrofluoric acid units, public security institutions should be set up, with full-time security personnel.

Dangerous chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid should be stored in special warehouses, dedicated space or a dedicated storage chamber (hereinafter referred to as dedicated warehouse) inside, by the person responsible for the management; storage of toxic chemicals and other hazardous chemicals constitute the number of major hazard, it should be dedicated warehouse a separate storage, and the implementation of a double transceiver Double custody system.

Dangerous chemicals storage methods, storage methods and the number shall comply with the national standards or the relevant provisions.

Storage of dangerous chemicals units shall establish dangerous chemicals out of storage for verification, registration system.

Other dangerous chemicals as well as storage of highly toxic chemicals pose a significant number of hazards, storage units should be stored quantity, storage location, and the case managers, reported local county safety supervision department (stored within the port area, newspaper port sector) and the public security authorities.