Potassium fluoride,anhydrous
           Potassium fluoride,extra pure
           Potassium fluoride,Granular
           Silicon Dioxide
           Hydrofluoric acid
           Synthetic Cryolite
           Potassium Fluoaluminate
           Ammonium bifluoride
           Potassium Bifluoride
           Aluminium fluoride
           Sodium fluoride
           Fluorosilicic Acid
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Hydrofluoric acid dedicated warehouse shall meet the national standards, industry standards, and set up signs. Storage of highly toxic chemicals, explosive hazardous chemicals are easy to produce a dedicated warehouse that should set the appropriate technology to prevent facilities in accordance with relevant state regulations.

Storage of dangerous chemicals shall regular testing of their dangerous chemicals warehouse dedicated security facilities, equipment, testing.

Production and storage of hazardous chemicals(including hydrofluoric acid) unit conversion, shut down, or dissolved, shall take effective measures to promptly and properly dispose of the dangerous chemicals production facilities, storage facilities and inventory of hazardous chemicals can not be discarded dangerous chemicals; disposal program safety supervision departments should be reported to the county level, Industry and Information department, the environmental protection department and the public security authorities. Safety supervision departments shall, jointly with the environmental protection department and the public security organs to supervise and inspect the disposal, in accordance with the provisions found not disposal, it should be ordered to dispose of immediately.