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The use of dangerous chemicals(including hydrofluoric acid) unit, its conditions of use (including process) shall comply with the laws, administrative regulations and national standards, industry standards, and depending on the type of hazardous chemicals, hazardous properties and the use of volume and use , establish and improve the use of safety management regulations and safe operation of hazardous chemicals, to ensure the safe use of hazardous chemicals.

Use of hydrofluoric acid in the production and usage reaches a predetermined number of chemical companies should obtain a license to use dangerous chemicals in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.

The amount of hazardous chemicals used quantitative criteria in the preceding paragraph, in conjunction with the public security department, the agricultural sector is determined and published by the State Administration of Work Safety department.

Article 30 of the license application for the use of hydrofluoric acid chemical companies, in addition to Article 28 shall conform to the provisions of this Ordinance shall also meet the following conditions:

(1) hazardous chemicals used to adapt professional and technical personnel;

(2) the safety management mechanism and full-time security management personnel;

(3) compliance with national regulations hazardous chemical emergency response plan and necessary emergency rescue equipment, equipment;

(4) conducting a safety assessment according to law.