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Industrial buildings, especially chemical industry buildings are often damaged due to the poor choice of ground materials and ground structures, not only the ground will be destroyed prematurely, that is, the foundation, columns, walls and floors will be destroyed. By a variety of mechanical effects, but also by high temperature, moisture and a variety of chemical media (hydrofluoric acid) corrosion, so the ground material must have a high degree of corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and good water resistance, heat transfer as low as possible.

Participate in the anti-hydrofluoric acid corrosion engineering operators and management personnel, construction must be carried out before the construction safety and technical education, if necessary, should be safety specifications test, the examination failed shall not operate independently. In this case,

Flammable, explosive and toxic materials, should be stored in a dedicated warehouse, deposited at the time of each species separated from the appropriate distance. Warehouses should be manned management, equipment marked signs, set fire equipment. 

All the electrical equipment must be grounded, each power switch should be installed with leakage protection safety switch, lighting device should be protected by a protective cover to prevent the light bulb caused by fire, the voltage is higher than 24V, the light line must be leather line, not leakage. In flammable and explosive environments, electrical equipment, lighting and switches should be used explosion-proof type, all electrical tools used or not to be closed when the electrical switch, cut off the power.

Operators engaged in hydrofluoric acid anticorrosive engineering shall take the following labor protection measures: equipped with the necessary labor protection tools, work supplies such as work clothes, shoes, gloves, caps / dust masks, towels and soaps.

Construction site to take measures to maintain good ventilation, the use of harmful gas concentration is always below the relevant provisions. 

Food and beverage shall not be brought into the construction site, but not at the scene meal, wash clothes after get off work should leave the construction site.