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The use of gas-solid fluidized bed reactor to produce hydrofluoric acid relative to the traditional cumbersome and complex rotary kiln process, with rapid response, high utilization of fluorite, compact and simple equipment characteristics, but because the production process of hydrogen fluoride are exposed to high corrosive materials and gas, from the laboratory into industrial applications still need in the reactor design, equipment, corrosion and production operations and control, and many other aspects of in-depth study.

A new batch hydrofluoric acid production process was proposed for the problem of hydrofluoric acid in the continuous production of rotary kiln, which is difficult to overcome in the process of rotary kiln. The invention has the advantages of reducing the energy consumption of the production process, the consumption of raw materials and the investment of the equipment, improving the production efficiency of the reactor, and eliminating the environmental pollution hidden trouble in the production process.

In view of fluorite production hydrofluoric acid process cost, energy consumption, process complexity and other drawbacks, especially for the production of hydrofluoric acid non-renewable fluorite resources is extremely limited, and the use of resource-rich phosphate rock production and by-product fluorosilicic acid, so the use of hydrofluoric acid hydrofluoric acid will open up new ways to use fluorine resources.