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Hydrofluoric acid is produced from hydrogen fluoride by cooled, purified and distilled. Production of 1t mass fraction of 99.19% of the consumption of hydrofluoric acid raw materials are: the mass fraction of 20% of the fluorosilicic acid 6.15t, 99.19% of the ammonia 33kg, potassium hydroxide 5kg; 513kg by-product silica.

Hydrogen fluoride gas purified by the purification tower into the gas absorption system, use water absorption to form the mass fraction of 40% hydrofluoric acid or frozen to produce anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.

Hydrofluoric acid production as an important basis for the production of chemical raw materials, has important significance. However, the rotary kiln process, which is widely used for the reaction of fluorite and sulfuric acid, has not been improved or solved by the continuous improvement of its huge reaction equipment, high energy consumption, high consumption of raw materials and serious corrosion of production process equipment. , Especially the toxic HF gas out of the potential environmental pollution for rotary kiln equipment, the production operation and maintenance to avoid accidents is extremely difficult. The latest research shows that gas-solid fluidized-bed process, gas-liquid-solid fluidized bed process and intermittent reaction process with fully closed reaction system, due to the good sealing system, compact equipment, low energy consumption, opened up fluorite and sulfuric acid Reaction to produce hydrogen fluoride in the new direction, but the real industrial applications still need a lot of in-depth study.

At the same time, the production of hydrogen fluoride in another route, that is, the use of hydrofluoric acid production process of hydrogen fluoride has been a new development in the project to open up the hydrogen fluoride production of new raw materials needed for the source, has good prospects for development.