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Hydrofluoric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), which is a colorless, transparent, pungent smelling liquid. Pure hydrogen fluoride is sometimes referred to as anhydrous hydrofluoric acid. Because the hydrogen atom and the fluorine atom binding ability is relatively strong, making hydrofluoric acid in water can not be completely ionized, so the theory of low concentration of hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid. With strong corrosive, can strongly corrode metal, glass and silicon-containing objects. Very toxic, such as inhalation of vapor or contact with the skin can cause difficult to cure burns. Laboratory is generally fluorite (mainly calcium fluoride) and concentrated sulfuric acid to be obtained, need to be sealed in plastic bottles, and stored in a cool place.

Hydrofluoric acid commander responsibilities: a unified command of the accident site emergency rescue. 

Deputy commander responsibilities: to assist the commander in the performance of their duties, for the commander of the scene to provide decision-making staff, commander of the mission can not perform their duties, the collective acting commander responsibility.

Evacuation group command: to mobilize evacuation group members to determine the situation of leakage, command and evacuation of personnel.

Disposal group command: mobilization disposal group members to determine the type of leakage of chemicals, good handling group members protective equipment, the correct command of the work of cleaning hydrofluoric acid; rescue group command: rescue group members, the first time to rescue the wounded, according to leakage and instructions at any time ready to carry out material rescue.