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Hydrogen fluoride (chemical formula: HF), because the fluorine atom electronegativity is very strong, so it will form hydrogen bonds with hydrogen atoms of compounds. Hydrogen fluoride is a highly corrosive, highly toxic. It is a colorless gas, but in the air, as long as more than 3ppm will produce a stimulating taste. Hydrogen fluoride is a colorless and transparent fuming liquid, an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride gas. The relative density of 1.128 (40%), a pungent odor. Is a medium strength acid. In the dilute solution of hydrofluoric acid micro-dissociation into ions, in the more concentrated solution, hydrofluoric acid polymerization to generate H2F2 molecules, it dissociation for H2F2 = H + HF2 - strong corrosive, can corrode glass and silicic acid salt and the formation of gaseous silicon tetrafluoride, highly volatile, and metal salts, oxides, hydroxides generated fluoride, non-corrosive polyethylene and platinum, hydrofluoric acid that can not be oxidized, can not be reduced reaction.

Hydrofluoric acid anti - corrosion coating is made of special materials such as phenolic resin, barite, nano-chrome powder and anti-medium solid filler. The coating is dense and stable, resistant to strong acid corrosion, especially hydrofluoric acid (HF) corrosion. The coating can prevent hydrogen ion penetration, good protection of metal and other materials to prevent corrosion.

The aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid. Due to the high polarity of the H-F covalent bond and the intermolecular hydrogen bonding of hydrogen fluoride, the hydrogen fluoride has a high degree of stability and a low degree of dissociation. As a result, the dissociation yields a lower hydronium ion concentration, resulting in a lower acidity constant, Ka. Thus hydrogen fluoride is a weak acid.