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Hydrofluoric acid can strongly corrode metal, glass and silicon-containing objects, such as inhalation of steam or contact with human skin can form difficult to heal ulcers, it is difficult to cure. Fluorine is the most active non-metallic, oxidizing ability, and hydrofluoric acid fluoride ion radius is very small, even smaller than the oxygen ions, which leads to its strong permeability, dense oxide can not prevent its penetration . Hydrofluoric acid itself on the silicate (silica) and silica have a strong ability to erode, so the teeth, bone damage more serious. Strong corrosion of silicon compounds Corrosion of the glass (the main component is silica and silicate), is the only acid corrosion of glass, so the daily storage to use plastic bottles or lead containers.

Using high-quality modified carbon material, hydrofluoric acid corrosion resistance, coupled with the production of high-tonnage friction forming, high pressure molding, high-pressure impregnation, curing and other processes, effectively reduce the product porosity, to improve the density of products, which products are not easy to be acid corrosion.