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Hydrogen fluoride dissolved in water into hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid can be through the skin and mucous membranes, respiratory and gastrointestinal absorption, so great harm to the human body. In the chemical industry, it is often desirable to separate the components of the gas mixture, the main purpose of which is to recover useful substances in the gas mixture, to produce the product, or to remove the harmful components of the process gas, Further processing, or removal of industrial emissions in the exhaust of harmful ingredients, so as not to pollute the air. In order to better deal with harmful gases such as hydrogen fluoride, save production costs and improve the working environment of enterprises, it is necessary to improve the working environment of the enterprises. In order to better deal with the harmful gases such as hydrogen fluoride and so on, the exhaust gas of the industrial production contains hydrogen fluoride gas components, and the exhaust gas purification reaches the discharge standards required by the state environmental protection department. So the design and development of hydrogen fluoride gas absorption device is necessary.

Industrial production of aluminum fluoride in the entire process, the gypsum silos and materials in the loading and unloading process produces a lot of dust, exhaust gas containing hydrogen fluoride components and gypsum dust and other harmful substances, not only seriously pollute the work site, but also the operation, Maintain the health of employees harm. Through the analysis of the treatment methods of hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid, the dilute alkali solution, water and calcium carbonate solution were used as absorbers, and the effects of the three kinds of absorbers on the defluorination were compared with the experience of industrial waste gas treatment. The main equipment of this process was designed, and a pilot plant for the purification of hydrogen fluoride waste gas from the laboratory was prepared.