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Gaseous hydrogen fluoride absorption, for the production of hydrofluoric acid and fluorine-containing exhaust gas purification is of great significance.

Preparation of industrial hydrofluoric acid process, including fluorite and sulfuric acid in the direct or indirect heating of the rotary kiln reaction, to get gaseous hydrogen fluoride:

CaF2 + H2SO4 → 2HF ↑ + CaSO4 reaction gas after purification, in three series of packed tower with water absorption, containing HF27% ~ 30% of hydrofluoric acid.

Gas absorption is the mass transfer process of the soluble components in the gas phase into the liquid phase. Due to the lack of reliable physical properties of data, the use of computational methods often can not fully reflect the complex mass transfer phenomena, there is no reliable way to calculate the mass transfer coefficient. The design of the absorber is usually dependent on experimental determination or reference to actual production data. However, the various absorption devices and their operating conditions are sometimes very different. Such as the direct heating of the reaction furnace, HF gas in the furnace gas concentration concentration of about 25% to 30%; indirect heating of the furnace, the furnace gas HF concentration of more than 90%; with gas hood aluminum cell flue gas, The volume concentration of HF was about 011%. The same structure of the packing tower, gas flow rate, spray density and temperature are also different. So the application of empirical data, still with specific conditions, to be analyzed, to avoid the simple application.