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The output of hydrofluoric acid in the reactor system was 1200 kg /h (calculated as 100% HF) and the consumption of fuel (furnace gas, Q low 5150 kg /m3) was 112 km3 /h.

The soluble components of the furnace gas are HF, SiF4, SO3 and SO2. In order to simplify the calculations, it is assumed that SO3 is completely absorbed and SO2, which has little solubility, is not absorbed and is included in the inert gas. SiF4 and SO3 dissolved in water into H2SiF6 and H2SO4.

The absorption of hydrofluoric acid in the absorption tower accounts for 81.01%, 15.91% and 2.66% of the total incoming system respectively. According to the output acid 1200kg, the absorption efficiency of the system HF is 98.8%, and the sum of the mechanical loss of the liquid acid and the exhausted HF is 1.2%.