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In industrial production, there are many production plants discharge a large number of hydrofluoric acid waste or hydrogen fluoride waste gas, these waste acid waste gas from a wide number of large, high dust content, purification and comprehensive utilization more difficult, and direct emissions will on the environment causing very serious pollution. Because of the different content of hydrofluoric acid waste liquid and hydrogen fluoride exhaust gas and the different emissions, they have different environmental hazards, but will cause great harm to the environment of biological, even trace fluorine and its compounds will. Human and animal bodies cause extremely serious consequences. For example, when the environment in the presence of excessive hydrogen fluoride, it will make animals suffering from class glaucoma and skeletal fluorosis; the plant's physiological metabolism is inhibited, resulting in reduced production until death; when human exposure to high levels of hydrogen fluoride, Nasal mucosa and other respiratory organs will have a strong stimulating effect, resulting in skin burns and severe pain; and when the waste acid contamination of human drinking water, long-term drinking will cause people's skeletal system of chronic fluorosis, causing spinal nerve root inflammation. Therefore, the full recovery of all fluorine-containing waste is one of the most important industrial production tasks.

At present, there are several methods for the treatment of hydrofluoric acid waste liquid and hydrogen fluoride exhaust gas, in which bipolar membrane electrodialysis separation technology is widely used. Bipolar membrane separation technology is a rapid development of a comprehensive edge of science, from the world market in recent years, annual sales growth rate and the United States on the worldwide survey, you can see bipolar membrane electrodialysis technology of the theoretical and applied research to obtain a rapid development. Bipolar membrane separation technology in the 20th century, 50 years to begin research, but because of thermodynamic efficiency, mechanical strength and service life and other issues have not been resolved, and has not been large-scale application in production.