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Hydrofluoric acid MSDS Briefly describes the hazards of hydrofluoric acid products to human health and the environment and provides information on how to safely transport, store and use the chemical. As a service to the user, the manufacturer should provide the user with the chemical safety instructions, so that users understand the hazards of chemicals, the use of active protection, play a role in reducing occupational hazards and the prevention of chemical accidents. May be prepared by the manufacturer in accordance with the relevant rules on their own.MSDS assessment certification report is the product of the importing country's legal requirements and requirements of the preparation. According to the legal provisions of the preparation of chemical assessment, the international community there is no uniform standard, the international common version is the European Union EEC / ISO version, and the United States OSHA and ANSI version. Due to the different legal documents of chemicals management and trade in each country and even every state, there are some changes every month. If the MSDS report is not correct or the information is not complete, the legal liability will be investigated. So foreign customers generally require their material suppliers to provide professional third-party testing organizations to carry out the MSDS material safety assessment certification Pernia report to prevent the material suppliers to prepare their own MSDS report does not comply with the relevant national laws, or Material safety data provided by the MSDS report does not conform to the actual safety accidents and legal liability.

Hydrofluoric acid rail transport should be in strict accordance with the Ministry of Railways, "Dangerous Goods Transport Rules" in the dangerous goods with the table with the installation. Packaging should be complete at the time of shipment, loading should be secure. Transport process to ensure that the container does not leak, do not collapse, do not fall, not damaged. Is strictly prohibited and alkali, active metal powder, glass products, food chemicals, mixed mixed transport. Transport vehicles should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. Transport should be anti-exposure, rain, high temperature. Road transport in accordance with the provisions of the route, do not stay in the residential areas and densely populated areas.