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Recently, the domestic fluoride chemical leading fluorine-rich stock rally again and again, frequently in the attention of investors at the same time, more Fluoride also quietly carrying out a layout. After more than two years of research and trial production, more fluorine has begun to enter the domestic high purity ppt level electronic grade hydrofluoric acid market, it is expected to produce 8,000 tons, while the domestic market demand is also around this number, more fluoride semiconductor manufacturers in the country to promote this material.

High purity ppt electronic grade hydrofluoric acid (impurity ion content of less than one billionth of a billion) is the electronic information industry, large scale integrated circuits and ultra-large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing one of the key materials, mainly for wafer surface cleaning, chip cleaning process in the process of corrosion and other processes. At present, the global ppt level of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid main manufacturers are Japan's stella, Taiwan's Daikin and Qiaoli these three companies, the Chinese mainland for the clean and high purity ppt level of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid mostly rely on imports.