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Fluorine chemical products because of its excellent performance, since the 20th century, 30 years of industrialization, increasing varieties, applications continue to expand, is now becoming very important in the national economy of chemical products, mainly used in military, aerospace, metallurgy, electronics, textile, light industry, medicine and agriculture. Inorganic fluoride chemical industry is the basis of fluoride, inorganic fluoride salt products to produce more water hydrofluoric acid, fluorosilicic acid and metal oxides, hydroxides or carbonate reaction in the system, there are some inorganic fluoride preparation of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride or elemental fluorine. The main products include aluminum fluoride, fluoride silicate, ammonium hydrogen fluoride, potassium fluoride, and so on. In recent years, China's inorganic fluoride research and development has made great progress, increasing the number of products, product performance is more excellent. Fluorine mainly from fluorite and phosphate fertilizer production process by-products - fluorosilicic acid, at present, the state has taken measures to protect fluorite resources, standardize the exploitation of fluorite resources, rational and efficient use of industrial production by-product phosphate - fluorosilicic acid become increasingly urgent.

In recent years, inorganic fluoride salt products developed rapidly, the largest increase in production of ammonium hydrogen fluoride and potassium fluoride varieties. Ammonium hydrogen fluoride is mainly used for glass processing industry, aluminum. Industrial and oil extraction. Potassium fluoride is widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, welding and other industries, especially for fluoride reaction fluoride agent. Other inorganic fluorine salt, such as sodium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, also have a certain growth.