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At present, the world's main products of high purity fluorine-containing chemical reagents are: electronic grade hydrofluoric acid(HF), electronic grade ammonium hydrogen fluoride (NH4HF2), buffered oxidation etchant (BOE).

From the electronic grade hydrofluoric acid(HF), electronic grade NH4F prepared in accordance with a certain percentage and so on. China is now only the industrial production of electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid, the main production enterprises to Juhua Group, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Kai St. fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Blue Su as the representative of more than 10 enterprises, annual production capacity of 5 to 6 million Lt; Product quality are generally in the EL level, only 2 to 3 up to UP-class, or even UP-S level.

Ultra-pure high-purity reagents mainly as a cleaning agent, etching agent for solar energy, semiconductor, IC, LCD screen and other industries, is the production process of one of the key basic chemical materials. The use of special characteristics and fluorine-containing electronic gas is similar to the amount of small, high quality requirements. In order to be able to regulate the world of electronic chemicals standards, the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Association (SemiconductorEquipmentandMaterialsInterna-tional, referred to as SEMI) was established in 1975 SEMI Chemical Reagent Standardization Committee, specifically to develop and standardize the international standards of electronic chemicals.