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In recent years, the foreign fluorine chemical companies or dealers have come to China to discuss AHF business, or joint ventures with domestic enterprises to produce AHF and other fluorine chemicals, to seize the Chinese market and international markets, in recent years hydrofluoric acid including AHF and hydrofluoric acid). The export market is experiencing a significant year-on-year growth. China's hydrogen fluoride enterprises should speed up technological progress, the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment to improve product quality, and vigorously develop high-purity and reagent-grade products, and actively explore applications, increase value-added products in order to obtain greater economic benefits.

The main source of inorganic fluoride is fluorite. Fluorite resources in China is very rich in reserves, is the development of fluorine chemical favorable conditions and safeguards. Hydrofluoric acid (or hydrogen fluoride), which is the most basic product of fluorine chemical industry, has developed rapidly during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, with an annual growth rate of more than 20%, which reflects the rapid growth of application market. At present, China's anhydrous hydrogen fluoride plant size and production has been ranked first in the world. According to statistics, the end of 2004 the total domestic production of hydrofluoric acid plant reached 48.19 million tons, the actual output of 35.14 million tons in 2005, the total production plant close to 600,000 t. At present, China's first application of hydrogen fluoride market is fluorocarbon industry, followed by the production of aluminum fluoride, followed by inorganic fluoride, export market, petroleum alkane catalysis, metal pickling, military special products.