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China's inorganic fluorine chemical industry after nearly 10 years of rapid development, has gradually formed a relatively complete industry system. With the world market demand for inorganic fluoride is increasing, China will become the international production base of hydrofluoric acid. Therefore, we should give full play to China's raw material resources and labor cost advantages and the accumulation of production, R & D base and imitate the production capacity of China's fluorine chemical industry more rapid development. We must vigorously develop green technology, the phasing out of those low-tech, pollution of the environment, damage to the health of the production process and products. With high-tech to promote the development of inorganic fluorine chemical industry, attention to the development of new materials (products), new technology, new equipment, improve the automation of production processes.

At present, China's fluorine chemical industry is in a period of vigorous development. Its development depends on the fluorine stone, fluorite is a non-renewable resources, reserves are limited, especially acid grade fluorite, will be depleted. Phosphorus ore reserves are large, although the fluorine content of 3% to 4%, but it is an important fluorine resources. The lack of effective and economical utilization of this important fluorine resources can not be well used. On the contrary, it has become the largest source of environmental pollution. But also created the current fluorine stone as the raw material of fluorine chemical products thriving situation. In fact, the phosphate fertilizer production of fluorine gas is a very cheap fluorine resources, its recycling and use of products in line with national preferential policies, therefore, as long as the use of appropriate methods, can be used with fluoride as raw materials fluoride chemical products to compete in the fluorine chemical market to obtain its due status.