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1. Purpose 

According to the production task AHF prepared into electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid, and canned to special containers. 

2. Scope of application:

It is suitable for the operation of electronic grade hydrofluoric acid production. 

3. Responsibilities

Manufacturing Department: Responsible for the reaction AHF chemical reaction from the hengyuan acid tank, and through the rectification made after the qualified AHF, according to the proportion of ultra-pure water after treatment, made of qualified electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid, to help canned Personnel will enter the finished product storage tank.

4. Drive product indicators and control indicators:

Ultra-pure water acid index: HF(hydrofluoric acid)% = 49.0% ± 0.5%

Feed amount: 300 kg /h

B. Distillation column pressure: 42 ± 4KPa

C. Distillation tower temperature: 40 ± 3 ℃

D. Distillation column pressure: 42 ± 4KPa

E. Temperature in the distillation column: 35 ± 3 ℃

F. Distillation column top pressure: 40 ± 4KPa

G. Distillation column top temperature: 35 ± 3 °C

H. Cold water temperature: 7-10 ℃

I. Cooling water flow rate: 100m3/h

J. Dilution tank temperature: ≤50 ℃

K. Mixer AHF Flow: 269.5 kg /h (reference)

L Pure water flow into the mixer: 280.5kg /h (reference)

M. Hot water temperature: 60-70 ℃

Distillation column residual acid emissions: every 2 hours 40 kg