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We observed broad peaks with a 2.6°FWHM, which is associated with a large area of about 3 nm thick. They coexist with small 3D clusters of about 15 nm, and their contribution to the diffraction profile is represented by a Gaussian shape with FWHM of 0.5 [deg.]. The same analysis was repeated after immersing the sample in hydrofluoric acid for 70 seconds, and the diffraction pattern is shown in Fig. The FWHM of the XRD spectrum decreases with increasing time in hydrofluoric acid and is 2.26°after 40 s and 1.66 after 70 s, indicating that the islands are thickened along the growth axis (3.8 nm and 5 nm, respectively). The results are consistent with the predicted "in-plane" contraction plus the "height" increase in the "gold" structure of the TEM image. We modified the modification of the crystal orientation found by SAED by comparing the "heteroepitaxy ratio".


Pretreatment of silicon substrates and metal deposits. The starting substrate is a Si (100) n-type substrate having a ρ = 3-5 Ωcm. Prior to electroplating, each sample was cut into a 1.5 x 1.5 cm square and degreased in acetone at 60°C and then placed in an ultrasonic bath for 6 minutes. And then soaked in DHF (6% hydrofluoric acid) for 10 seconds or 240 seconds. The substrate was then thoroughly washed with deionized water and dried in air. Gold deposition was carried out by immersing each sample in a solution containing 1 mM KAuCl4 (99.995% trace metal, Sigma-Aldrich) and 10% HF (diluted HF, GPR RECTAPUR 40%, VWR) at room temperature under ambient light conditions Do not stir. The sample is then rinsed in water to remove all of the surfactant and product. They accept extra cleaning in acetone and dry in the air.