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Optical glass has a high optical transmittance, is widely used in a variety of liquid crystal display, the surface coating of glass substrates, used in high-end liquid crystal display. In order to improve the adhesion between the film and the glass substrate, it is often necessary to corrode the glass to improve its surface roughness. At present, the glass corrosion process at home and abroad is mainly limited to the use of hydrofluoric acid mixture, according to the glass and hydrofluoric acid generated after the dissolution of different salts, the crystal remains on the glass surface to prevent further reaction of the hydrofluoric acid with the glass, so that the erosion of the glass surface is uneven, resulting in a rough glass surface. But the traditional fluoride etching process in the production of fluoride waste gas waste, causing serious harm to the environment, so the study of fluorine-free etching is the future direction of development.

Alkali and phosphate can corrode the glass, but because of its erosion of glass faster than hydrofluoric acid, so often need a higher temperature, to the production of workers on the scene a lot of danger.

This paper presents an alkaline corrosion path of glass surface. Through the effective utilization of ultrasonic chemistry, the reaction speed of heterogeneous phase is improved obviously under the combined action of physics and chemistry, and the corrosion of glass surface under alkaline condition is realized.