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Hydrofluoric acid accident investigation on the accident enterprise main body, territorial management, supervision and management of the accident hidden trouble investigation, hidden rectification, education and training aspects of the responsibility of "case six investigation." To identify the accident occurred, the direct cause and indirect causes, casualties and property damage, identified the nature of the accident and responsibility, put forward the responsibility of the responsible personnel and the responsibility of the processing recommendations. At the same time, for the cause of the accident and exposed the outstanding problems, put forward the proposed measures to prevent accidents.

Tetrafluoro-p-phenylene terephthalate production site safety missing. Not to establish a sound safety, technology, equipment and other aspects of the operating procedures, handwritten materials assigned to the warehouse staff to take raw materials, and at any time to change the ratio of raw materials and process instructions, the production site raw and auxiliary materials using code-named; unauthorized change production process, change management system; has hired four operators less educated, safe production education and training in the form of lack of awareness of the harm of hydrogen fluoride, safety awareness indifferent, low quality of security, self-prevention awareness is poor, can not fully grasp the process technology, encountered abnormal conditions can not be properly disposed of, found that toxic gas leakage after the illegal disposal, in the absence of toxic and harmful gas detection, did not wear professional protective equipment in the case of toxic and hazardous gas leaks again.

Did not seriously implement the main responsibility for safety production. The tetrafluoroterephthalamide plant workshop is leased to a company that does not have the safe production conditions. The safety work of the tetrafluoroterephthalamide workshop is not unified and managed, and its safety inspection is not carried out on a regular basis. Safety responsibility system in vain, safety management out of control; the company modified tetrafluoroterephthalic acid plant after the situation does not grasp, did not implement the change management system; hydrofluoric acid leakage accident occurred, emergency rescue disposal.