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In this paper,we study on Catalytic Synthesis of Furan Acrylic Acid by Potassium Fluoride/ Potassium Carbonate/ Aluminum Oxide by Ultrasonic Irradiation.

Α-furanacrylic acid was synthesized by Knoevenagel method using KF /K2CO3 /γ-Al2O3 as catalyst and α-furan formaldehyde and malonic acid as raw materials under ultrasonic irradiation, and characterized by IR spectroscopy and elemental analysis. The effects of α-furan formaldehyde and malonic acid molar ratio, ultrasonic radiation power and radiation time on the yield of α-furanacrylic acid were studied.

The results show that KF / K2CO3 / γ-Al2O3 has a good catalytic effect under ultrasonic irradiation (Α-furan formaldehyde): n (malonic acid) = 1: 1.20, the amount of KF / K2 CO3 / Al2O3 was 1.5 g (0.15 mol), the optimum reaction conditions were: KF content of 2.805 mmol / g), ultrasonic power 120 W, irradiation time 25 min, product yield of 95% or more, purity is 99.75%.