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The technical problem to be solved by the invention is to provide a method for producing high purity potassium fluoride by using hydrofluoric acid residue. The method utilizes the hydrogen fluoride produced in the production process of 2-chloro-6-fluorotoluene, sodium fluoride and other organic impurities in the hydrofluoric acid residue.

The method of the invention prepares the high purity potassium fluoride by the steps of the hydrofluoric acid residue and the potassium hydroxide as the base material, through the neutralization reaction, the strong alkali ammonia, the neutralization decolorization filtration, the evaporation crystallization and the air flow drying By-product of sodium fluoride and ammonia. The recovery rate of the fluorine resource is more than 99.9% by the method of the invention, and the quality of the obtained potassium fluoride is better than that of the national excellent potassium fluoride.