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Much of the current treatment knowledge of Hydrofluoric acid(HF) burns is derived from case reports, small case series, animal studies and anecdotal evidence. The management of these unique chemical burns can be challenging because clinical presentation and severity of these burns vary widely. The most common presentation of an HF burn is a small area, usually to the hands, involving a low concentration of HF. Monitoring of electrolyte levels and ICU admission should not be a part of the management practice in these small HF burns caused by common workplace and household chemicals.

However, several case reports have shown that severe Hydrofluoric acid(HF) burns can be life threatening, requiring ICU admission and urgent surgical intervention. Current treatment techniques for HF burns have generally been unchanged over the past two decades in the published literature. However, through gained knowledge and experience of these unique chemical burns, clinicians are now better able to quickly distinguish between minor and life-threatening HF burns and manage accordingly.

Hydrofluoric acid is a strong corrosive acid, hydrofluoric acid burns substantially has the following characteristics:  (1) delayed deep tissue pain, when a high concentration can also occur instantly pain without latency; (2) progressive tissue damage; (3) can cause severe fatal hypocalcemia. Recently, we treated two cases of large area of hydrofluoric acid burn patients, 1 case of 55% hydrofluoric acid burns caused by 11% of the body surface, and 1 50% 25% body surface burns caused by hydrofluoric acid, 2 cases were within 5 h of death, but in the course of treatment, clinical signs found some noteworthy.